Skydive Utah is one of the safest and greatest places to learn to skydive due to our program, gear, and geography.


Our AFF program is constantly evolving to ensure we are using the most up to date methods to teach our students. Our current program was developed by Lindsay Rich, an accomplished AFF Director and skydiving instructor examiner who has put in place several successful skydiving schools around the country. Although she’s no longer local, you’ll still see Lindsay around the DZ on special occasions! Since 2019, a Skydive Utah veteran and instructor, Jeremy Moss, has taken the reigns as AFF Director. You can find him working tirelessly with students and swooping past the hangar daily, as we aim to graduate more solo skydivers than ever before! His goal at Skydive Utah is simply to further develop and monitor a student program that is continuously improving, and provides the best balance of safety, learning and fun! With over 3,000 jumps to date, Jeremy has a lot of knowledge and passion to share about skydiving and canopy piloting, so come out and learn from the best!

Skydive Utah AFF Director, Jeremy Moss, flying XRW with a Fluid Wings HKT69

Skydive Utah AFF Director, Jeremy Moss, flying XRW with a Fluid Wings HKT69


We maintain the highest quality student gear available. Our gear is kept in top condition, and constantly cycled for new to keep our fleet fresh. You don't have to deal with old gear that will hinder your learning, and leave you stressed. New for 2017, we now use accurate digital altimeters, while most dropzones use outdated and sloppy analog options. Skydiving is stressful enough, you shouldn't have to worry about the quality of your gear.


Our airport is one of the safest places to skydive in the world. We have enormous landing areas, which are further surrounded by open farm fields. This means you don't have to worry about many dangerous buildings, roads, and obstacles. In addition, the Great Salt Lake provides a "sea breeze", which means consistent winds from the north almost every day. It is very easy to maintain directional awareness in the sky because we have the lake to the north, and tall mountains lining the east and west of the valley. You really couldn't ask for much more when learning to skydive!