We now have a new aircraft!

This is the top of the line skydive plane in the industry right now. It is a Cessna Grand Caravan with an powerful engine upgrade by Texas Turbines. It allows the plane to climb to altitude faster, with more people, all while burning less fuel. It takes 20 skydivers to 13,000ft above the ground (17,500ft above sea level!) in 13 minutes or less.

The jump door is huge! This allows easy exits for large formation jumps with your friends.

If you haven’t been here recently, come check out the new plane and make some jumps!


Some dropzones use this plane for tandem jumps, but the small cabin and low power don't work well for your first time. However, it works great for lower altitude hop n pops for licensed jumpers! It can take 4 jumpers to 4,000 feet in about 7 minutes. This plane will often continue to fly during the winter for licensed solo jumpers only.