Our primary aircraft is our Super King Air. It is a King Air A90 with upgraded engines that give it incredible power. Since we are sitting at 4,500 feet above sea level on the ground here in Utah, we need to go extra high in the sky to give you plenty of time to enjoy your skydive. We fly up to 18,000 feet above sea level, which gets you 13,500 feet above the ground to enjoy the ride down. That is as high as we are legally allowed to go for tandem skydives, and the highest in the state! That isn't an easy task for most airplanes, but our mighty engines bring you to the top in minutes!

We can bring 12 skydivers up to 13,500 feet above the ground in 9 minutes! At Skydive Utah, you get the fastest ride to altitude, and the highest jumps in the state. That means you can make more skydives, and spend less time sitting in the airplane!

This plane only flies during our main season mid-March to mid-November.


Although some budget dropzones use this plane for tandem skydives, we only use it for experienced jumper low altitude jumps. It can take 4 jumpers to 4,000 feet in about 7 minutes. This plane will often continue to fly during the winter for licensed solo jumpers only.