Check out some videos of lots of cool things going on at the dropzone!

The first ever Shred the Gnar Boogie at Skydive Utah happened this year July 28-30. The event turned out awesome and we can't wait to do it again even better next year! It was hard to fit all the good times into 1 edit, but we did our best. If you missed this one, we better see you out here next year!

Skydive Utah athlete Marshall Miller shows off the stability of the new GoPro Karma Grip accessory. We love the views up here!

Hamish and Dallas Brissett (@ruckus_mayhem)

Once again, Hamish and Dallas showing off some XRW, freeflying, and good times in 2016!

Hamish and Dallas Brissett (@ruckus_mayhem) 

Check out these guys showcasing a lot of fun and great flying in our skies.

Recap of 2015

Weekend Voyagers came out to skydive with us, and captured the whole experience of making a tandem jump.

2014 part 2

2014 part 1

A Day in the Life of a King (Air)

This video was made by one of our pilots in 2013. It is a cool view of the dropzone from a pilot's perspective.

2013 part 2

2013 part 1