Not all dropzones offer the same photos and video options. Many use outdated equipment that leaves you with blurry, faded memories of your jump. At Skydive Utah, we have high quality requirements for our cameras used by our videographers.

We are also currently implementing Shred Video. This is a cutting edge system that gives you 3 fully custom edited versions of your skydive video. We are the only skydive center in the country using this system!

All options will be edited and emailed to you shortly after your jump. Usually about 30 minutes.



  • Selfie style photos from a camera worn on your instructor's hand.

  • The instructor will take photos before and after your jump. Then in the sky, the camera will take a shot every second, ensuring you get many great pictures.

  • Generally 80-100 photos

  • Camera used:

    • GoPro 3 Black or better set to 12MP taken every 1 second.




  • A professional videographer jumps out with you and documents your entire experience from gearing up to landing.

  • Your clips are custom edited using the Shred Video system, giving you 3 different copies of your skydive:

    • Full Movie

    • Jump Only Movie

    • Instagram Movie

  • Generally 100-200 photos.

  • Cameras used:

    • Video: GoPro Hero 4 (or newer) shooting in 720p/120fps

    • Photos: DSLR with 12MP or higher

Here are examples of the 3 videos you will get:

Check out a few examples photos:




  • This is the super-mega-deluxe-premium package!

  • $195 value!

  • Includes:

    • Handcam Photos (see above for details)

    • Pro Videographer Photos and Video (see above for details)

    • Skydive Utah T-shirt