We make the tandem skydiving process easy and fun!

You will arrive and begin by filling out our waiver, if you have not done so online already. Then you will chose any photo or video options for your jump, and pay at the reception desk. Next you will watch a 10 minute video explaining the tandem skydive

From there, we will match you with an instructor, and get you on the next available plane load. Shortly before you jump, you will meet your instructor to get geared up and review the skydive. Once your plane pulls up, its go time!

Our powerful aircraft will take you to 13,000ft above the ground in 9 minutes. Once there, the door rolls open, you step up to the edge, and make the leap!

You will freefall for about 60 seconds before the parachute opens. Your instructor will show you how to control the chute, and allow you to fly around the sky for about 5 minutes. Once you get closer to the ground, the instructor will take over the controls and bring you in for a nice soft landing.

Weekend Voyagers came out to jump with us and documented their experience. Check it out to see what it is like to come make a tandem jump with us!

For more specific info, check out our FAQ page.