First time skydivers jump for only $175!


June 28-30 only!

Lowest tandem prices of the year!

The event is a great time to come check out Skydive Utah with all the extra excitement!

Food trucks and BBQ options will be available for lunch!

We are having a movement skills weekend!

There will be wingsuit and angle flocking camps for beginner and advanced jumpers.

We will be flying a Twin Otter in addition to our Super Caravan all weekend!

Texas Turbines 900hp Super Grand Caravan

Texas Turbines 900hp Super Grand Caravan

Visiting Super Twin Otter

Visiting Super Twin Otter

Wingsuit Camp with Val Sobal


Angle Flying Camp with Ben Tucker, Ryan Durr, and Ben Lussier


What if Iā€™m not in the camps?

Come enjoy the Otter!

Fluid Wings canopy demos available

Fluid Wings canopy demos available

We will have organizers out to help you have a good time.

There is no registration fee, just come jump!

We will be turning tons of loads with both planes.

There will be food trucks, BBQ, bonfires, canopy demos, and lots of good times!